i love this!!


Garruk brought a friend/companion/whatever they’re calling it nowadays!

Is that Urza’s head? PLEASE tell me that’s Urza’s head.

Yes is Urza

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Jajaja me suele pasar

Jajaja me suele pasar

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Another sexy alteration, Elspeth I never saw that tattoo before  ;P


MAGIC 2015 | Card Frame Changes (full article)

1.) The font - new unique proprietary font created named “Beleren”.

2.) The holofoil stamp - only premium rares and mythics will have the stamp.

3.) The collector info - new arrangement for collector info at the bottom of the frame, including rarity and language.

4.) Decreased border size - width of black border reduced by almost a millimeter; increased size of text and art boxes.

5.) The designer credit - limited to only a few cards in Magic 2015; more details to come.

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arkatos  7 years <3 no tengo idea porque las ultimas se subieron volteadas D:

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SHAZAM!! Capitana Marvel ñ_ñ   


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hahaha lol

hahaha lol

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Elspeth (much against her wishes) is getting ready for Theros…
are you as well?

Yea she’s ready for another thing if you know what i mean ;D

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Now is time to Garruk to be Liliana/customised mua ha ha, again thanks to Steve Argyle altered card by the inspiration, hope you like it